Do I need compressed air for the proper operation of my dyno?

No, Dyno Revolt dynamometers do not require compressed air. The roller locking system is based on an electric brake caliper, not a pneumatic one (used by most manufacturers). As a result, the entire installation is simpler and the risk of air leaks is eliminated.

My workshop only has single-phase power supply. Is it enough to run a braked dyno?

Yes. All braked dynamometers offered by Dyno Revolt can be connected to both single-phase or three-phase power supply. For more information go to the offer page and check electrical requirements of each dyno model.

What’s the difference between standard and extended wheelbase in AWD dynos?

During the development of our dynamometers, we noticed that about 90% of road cars have a wheelbase of less than 3m… It means that most tuners will not benefit from the full wheelbase range offered by our AWD dynos…
As a result we’ve decided to offer version with 3 rows of rollers as a standard wheelbase and version with 4 rows as an extended option… and since modularity is a key feature of our design you can always choos the standard option first and then extend it with additional rollers if needed (the front dyno frame remains the same and the entire upgrade process takes less than 2h).

Is it possible to order a dyno in a color other than black?

To paraphrase Henry Ford: a customer can have a dyno painted any color he wants as long as it’s black.
And seriously speaking: the black color allows us to better optimize the production process and simply offer our dynos at the best possible price… on the other hand we understand the specific requirements of some customers, so if your wish is to have a dyno in a color other than black, feel free to contact us.

PS: Our dynamometers are not painted deep black. As standard, we use the signal black colour (RAL9004), which is one tone brighter and also more expressive than the typical RAL9005.