Modularity = flexible configuration

Our dynamometers offer exactly what your business needs. Thanks to the modular design, its configuration can be precisely matched to your requirements… moreover, it can also be easily upgraded so that your dyno grows together with your business.

You can start with the inertia version and upgrade it later with an eddy current brake or extend your 2WD module to the AWD fully linked dyno. You can even choose whether the brake should be installed (on the left or right side) so that the dyno fits perfectly in your dyno cell.

What’s more, when you upgrade your dyno, you don’t pay more… just cover the price difference between the two selected versions and reach the next stage in the world of dynamometers…


Linked axles + linked rollers as standard

We know how important the speed synchronization between the car’s axles during the dyno run is.

Therefore, in cooperation with Gates, all our AWD dynamometers have been equipped with a mechanical axles linking system. Thanks to this, you can be sure that all modern cars equipped with an advanced traction control system are measured correctly and safely.

Moreover, all the rollers in the Dyno Revolt dynamometers are linked together by synchronous belts (even in the base 2WD inertia version) which is a guarantee of the highest quality and repeatability of measurements.


Rollers… our gold!

Our own design of rollers is regarded as the true crème de la crème of dyno components:

Special knurling design provides incredible grip of tires to rollers, contributes to noise reduction and helps keeping the tire temperature under control during long test sessions.

Precise dynamic balancing process according with the quality grade of G2,5 eliminates all kind of vibrations.

Protective plating with the use of industrial chromium (with hardness of 65-69 HRC) improves durability through abrasion tolerance and wear resistance. It also expands chemical inertness and increases corrosion resistance. Your dyno will always catch the customers’ eye even after many years!

And last but not least: every roller is supported by made in Japan NTN bearings  – for the highest quality and safety.


Compact size

By mounting the axles linking system in the central part of the dyno and thanks to the monoblock design, our test benches are only 272cm wide (inertia models) or 325cm (braked models), which enables their installation even in the narrowest units. What’s more, our monoblock conception eliminates necessity of using a wheelbase adjustment system, which usually requires well levelled and often costly floor structure. There is also no sliding covers behind the dyno (in versions sunk in the ground) which allows you to save additional space behind the dynamometer. The length of our AWD dyno is only 404cm.


Only high quality components

Because quality matters, our dynos consist of the high-class components, only from branded suppliers (such as NTN, Gates, ZF, SKF, Frenelsa, etc.) and experienced subcontractors.

All elements are manufactured to the highest standards and using the latest technologies as 3D laser cutting, CNC machining, etc… All structural elements are protected against corrosion and powder coated. Rollers are industrial chromium plated so they will look like new even in 10 years.


Rollers setting

Our roller configuration offers much more than the well-known solutions… To eliminate tires deformation during demanding runs, the rollers are set very close to each other. It means that the wheel isn’t squeezed between them what is the biggest disadvantage of the typical twin roller design with a braking lift in the middle… The car is also more stable during the run comparing to single roller dynos. What’s  more, the dyno is lower, that allows above-ground installation without the need for very long ramps or 4-post lift.

Moreover, by using a multi-roller configuration in the front bed we were able to eliminate the costly wheelbase system, simplifying the installation process and reduce floor levelling requirements… but what is the most important, we facilitated the process of preparing the car for the test session.

Thanks to our design you save time, money and improve the accuracy of your measurements.


Multifunctional control software

Our software offers many measurement modes tailored to the needs of each user. No matter if you are a beginner dyno operator or an experienced tuner, everyone will find something for themselves. Starting from the inertial mode (which is sufficient for most street cars), through the ramp test (where the eddy current brake maintains constant acceleration of even the most powerful cars), steady-state mode (allowing for precise real-time tuning), and ending with the freeride mode (during which the load is controller manually by the operator, that allows him to simulate any, even the most extreme conditions). 

What’s more, we offer the possibility of logging car parameters via OBD, CAN bus or reading data from external probes and sensors, making the tuner’s work even more comfortable.



A fresh look at dyno math, remarkable measurement accuracy and high repeatability are what distinguishes our dynamometers from competitive solutions.

The modern dyno controller records up to 3600 real measurement points per second! The innovative brake regulator (controlled via CAN bus), equipped with an ultra-fast discharge system, only needs 0,012 seconds to fully discharge the eddy current brake from 100% to zero! That guarantees very precise control over the load, unseen in the competition offering.


Advance data logging as standard

Nowadays, professional remapping of modern cars requires way more from the dynamometer than just simple graphs of engine power and torque… We know it perfectly well, that’s why Dyno Revolt offers the multi-channel data logger as standard (it has been integrated with the dynamometer controller). You can display and record data using the OBD connector, the CAN bus (e.g. directly from a stand-alone ECU computer), from external sensors (e.g. boost pressure) or thermocouples (e.g. EGT)… what’s more, recorded data can be freely analysed on a chart or in a table, compared with other channels and saved in a project database. It can also be exported to other file formats for further analysis by other software.


Approved design

To make sure that all dynamometers offered by Dyno Revolt are safe and meet the highest quality requirements, we commissioned the independent certification body to inspect our products and processes to confirm their compliance with current norms and standards. Thanks to this, you use our dynamometers legally, in accordance with applicable regulations and you receive reliable measurement results…

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